The Definition of JACKED

On a personal note, I’ve been a 49ers fan for all 23 years of my life. I am extremely excited for their first playoff game in a decade this upcoming Saturday. I’ve got football on the brain… Which goes along with the millions of other things on my brain. Of course, the main thing on my mind is how to get all of you, including myself, fitter. For myself personally, life is about getting as JACKED and tattooed as possible. I will go in depth about being JACKED in a second (it must always be capitalized). But before you read on… Please check out this article which talks about the Top 30 most JACKED NFL players to get you in the mood. The NFL is full of physical specimens with amazing feats of strength and speed… Enough to make them millions of dollars every year. Tune into the game this Saturday at 1pm to see some of these freaks on display.

But what should you do to get JACKED? What does it even mean to be JACKED? First off, being JACKED is not necessarily an aesthetic thing, nor is it entirely a performance thing. The art of getting JACKED is the art of looking like you can handle business while actually being able to handle business. This is not fitness model pretty, nor is it powerlifter big. Being JACKED means you are near the potential of your lean body mass in terms of executing strength and power output. And for the record, I’m not talking about getting yolked, ripped, cut, lean, huge, buff or any other inferior adjective here.

So.Let’s get down to some of the basic parameters of being JACKED. We will go with the assumption that all of the items on this checklist require that if I saw you on the street on a mild summer day, I would assume that you could do them upon first glance. Go down the list and see which of these apply to you, and which of these you need work on.

Back squat 2 times your own body weight (1.5 times for women). One of the easiest displays of strength to bodyweight ratio… If you can squat something that weighs 2 times your own weight you are indeed on the road to becoming JACKED.

Deadlift 2.5 times your own bodyweight (1.75 for women). Not quite as important as the aforementioned double bodyweight backsquat, but definitely an integral part of being JACKED.

Clean and Jerk 1.25 times your bodyweight (bodyweight for women). Think about it… If as a guy (or a girl), you are not able to pull a bit more than your own bodyweight from the floor to your shoulders, then drive that weight from your shoulders to above your head, then you cannot consider yourself JACKED.

Sprint 400 meters in under 1:05. (1:12 for women). This number is taken from the average of a database of high school 400 meter sprinters. Of course these kids specialize in sprinting, but this is still a very important display of sustained speed and power.

Row 500 meters in under 1:32 (1:50 for women). Basically the same reason as above.

Bench Press 1.5 times bodyweight (bodyweight for women). UGH… As much as I dislike the bench press, it does serve a purpose for being JACKED. Having the ability to lower and drive that kind of weight from your chest to a locked out position is a must.

Here are some of the CrossFit benchmarks that you must acheive in order to be a JACKED CrossFitter:

Fran: 21-15-9 thrusters and pull ups. Under 5 minutes (sub 6:30 for women)

Grace: 30 clean and jerks for time. Under 3 minutes (sub 4 for women)

Fight Gone Bad: Above 300 for men (250 for women)

Helen: Under 9:30 for men (under 10:30 for women)

So, you might be asking yourself if I just pulled these number out my JACKED ass… Actually, these numbers and benchmarks were pulled from the Level Testing done at many CrossFit gyms. The strength numbers are also considered to be the norm for strong people across many circles of JACKED individuals.

If you took a look at the link above, all of those guys are completely huge, muscular and ripped. However, their size, definition and body composition are not what make them JACKED. It is the fact that not only do they look like strong, powerful men who push around other men for a living; they actually do dominate their peers in their sport. Take a look at a lot of their squat and power clean numbers. HOLY CRAP! Their JACKEDness is due to three things… They look like monsters, they lift like monsters, and they perform like monsters on the field (except for Vernon Gholston). The most important part of this equation is their performance. I can bet you if they did not take their strength and body composition as seriously as they do, their performance on Sundays would suffer.

As a CrossFitter, you should aim to for the same thing. Think of your JACKEDness being proportional to three things: your body composition/muscle mass, your strength, and your performance in WOD’s. The stronger you are the easier those pesky thrusters, cleans and deadlifts become. The less body fat you have, the easier it is to move around in space. This should all sound familiar to anyone who has not performed at a level they desired during a WOD.

The lesson of the day: Get JACKED. The way to do it: If you look frail, chubby, skinny, or deconditioned; work on it (eat more protein, less refined crap foods, drink adequate amounts of water and make sure you get rest). If you can’t acheive any of the strength or conditioning numbers up here; get stronger and more conditioned (pick something on that list and work towards it). For the women out there. I promise you that JACKED for you will not look like JACKED for me. Get strong, look strong, and perform better. BE JACKED!


2 thoughts on “The Definition of JACKED

  1. I am inspired, and motivated, though so sore today I am moving like an old lady!! Do they have a JACKED category for those of us over 40? Seriously, I am up for the row challenge and the back squat challenge once I lose a few. That’s a start for me! Anyone else?

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