My name is Laura, and my weight loss journey has had many starts and stops. I’ve always had a weight problem, even as a kid. I’d lose weight and then gain it back, plus more. After having two kids, being busy with life, I found myself weighing more than I ever had. In the Fall of 2008, something finally ignited within myself – the desire to be healthy. I started walking every day, but when the weather and time changed, I found it was hard to get a walk in every day. An opportunity arose for me to join a gym, so I grabbed it. Not knowing the first thing about exercising at a gym, I came in for an orientation appointment. Fortunately for me, the personal trainer who was available that day to give me the tour was Marcus Midkiff. Marcus gave me a tour of the gym and showed me how to use some of the equipment. At the end, he suggested signing up for some training sessions. With a bit of apprehension, I signed up for some sessions.  That was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I started working with Marcus in January 2009.  I can remember being nervous before the start of each session – wondering if I’d be able to do what he would instruct me to do.  And I can remember that great sense of accomplishment I’d have after the session – YES! I DID IT! Marcus is great at keeping you motivated, encouraging you to give it your all, and knowing how far he can push you. And that’s what I needed – someone to push me to my limit because I know I wouldn’t have pushed myself that hard exercising on my own. That encouragement and support was a huge factor in my success.  I don’t view what I am doing as a “diet,” but making a lifestyle change to be healthier.  So far I’ve lost 93 pounds, and still want to lose a bit more. And thanks to Marcus, I now have the tools to last me a lifetime to stay healthy.


Just over a year ago, I fell down the stairs and injured my back and pelvis.  I was bedridden for almost a month, and my recovery took several months.  Working, raising my daughter and injury left me in a condition I had never before known. 

 See, I consider myself an athlete, or at least a physically active person.  I stayed fit through ballet, running, swimming and biking.  I was not in the best shape ever, but after the injury, I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror.  I had lost all my muscle definition and my body was “soft.”  I couldn’t just jump back into my regular activities, and I was terrified of reinjuring my back.

 I hired a personal trainer, with the intention of a completing a short program so I could get back into form, so I could then return to my activities.    I was lucky enough to get Marcus assigned to me.

Marcus was sensitive to my fears and knew exactly how much my body could handle with each workout.  Marcus introduced me to weights, and gave me workouts designed to help develop both my cardio with strength training.  The workouts are efficient, interesting and always varied – this is not a stand around kind of workout.

 Marcus keeps me focused, pushes me beyond what I think I can do and when I get too busy with work, he always gets me back on track.  Many days, if it weren’t for that appointment with Marcus, I wouldn’t make it to the gym.

 But I’ve gotten so much more that a series of workouts from my training.  Marcus knows what I can do, even when I don’t.  His confidence in my capabilities has helped me to accomplish things I never thought possible. 

 I’ve always had a small upper body, and the thought of doing dips and pull-ups made me laugh and say – “yeah right.”  Now, my shoulders and arms are well-defined and I have just accomplished my first unassisted pull-up!  I am stronger than I have ever been.

As part of my training, Marcus gives me a schedule of workouts to do between sessions, and keeps me on track with my nutrition.  


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